Thursday, May 7, 2009

THQ Boss Downplays Talk Of PS3 Price Cut At E3

Haa...steellusion kan nak beli PS3. Maybe ni la masa dia kot? :P

Speaking in the company’s fiscal Q4 earnings call, THQ boss Brian Farrell admitted that PS3 is a “challenging” format, further noting that THQ as a whole does not expect Sony to make a PS3 price cut announcement E3. If said predictions pan out, expect to be waiting a bit longer to score one at sub $399, as he expects the elusive price cut card to be pulled later this year.

"We’re not expecting a [PlayStation 3] price cut at E3, but we do expect one later in the year. That’s just our guess… [and is] not based on any knowledge from Sony."

Elsewhere in the call, talk shifted over to the heavily rumored prospect of a UMD-less PSP. While Farrel obviously could not confirm its existence, he did voice the opinion that the public is ready for a digital-only portable.

Source: exophase